Living in the Oldest town in Denmark.

We welcome family and friends to HK-Jensen's website

It is the idea that we will write a little about the passage of life for our family.

You can of course also see pictures from family gatherings and life's time at Fanningers Allé.




Then it became 2018


It will be a year without the big events

House and garden project


We must have finished the last projects at home.

Build the greenhouse completely and the missing things in the garage.

School's everyday life


Benedicte starts in 2nd grade after the summer break.

Alexander in 7th grade and Christopher will finish in 9th grade and the leave elementary school.His plan is to start on HHX.

Ribe - the oldest town of Denmark

The history of Ribe - the

oldest town of Denmark, is

long, dramatic and fantastic.



Ribe Classic


Every Tuesday in the

summer period, it is possible

to see a lot of different

veteran cars on the

"Hovedengen", Ribe's

market place.

"A house is made of

Wood and stone

But a home is made of

love alone"